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My journey through grief & loss

Lilac Iris Studio came to life through facing my own grief and coming to walk on the healing path 2 decades after experiencing the loss of my beloved pets in my childhood when my apartment got caught on fire. After that event, I have suffered the loss of many pets, all dear to my heart. Because of that love that I had for each one of them,

I was longing to hold something that would remind me of them. Something to honor them and remember their lives; because they will be part of mine, forever.

That's when I started painting and sculpting. Started crafting little replicas of them, and this brought joy to my soul. Even if these creations are only physical, I know that their souls are still looking out for me. Holding these little treasures in my hands make my heart full.

I hope to fill yours as well with the reminder of your pets, and that their love is still within.


Me at 6 years old. So grateful this picture was saved from the fire.

Kitty was my very first pet. She and I had a very special bond. 

I want to honor her life, by helping others find that grace in the pain

of grief & loss.

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