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Pet Sculptures & Paintings

Coming soon!

dog in stripped shirt
Ginger Cat
Kitten Sleeping in Pet Bed
Pet The Bunny
Cute Happy Dog
Princess Puppy

Hi! I'm Iris,

I'm an artist & animal lover. 

I consider family the most important thing in this life. The bonds you form with family & friends are what make this life have meaning and purpose. The bond you form with animals is no different. Most cultures have diminished the importance of these bonds when pets pass away. You grief in isolation, and it isn't considered as important as when you grief a human loss. I think all losses are important and must be validated.  

Lilac Iris Studio was born after I started working through my own grief
after losing my pets. I am passionate about animals. I found my purpose to help others who are grieving the loss of their animal loved ones. It is my wish that you might find peace and comfort when purchasing my artwork.

With each purchase you make, a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to a local animal shelter to help stop healthy and adoptable animals from being euthanized. 

Join the LIStribe community

The Lilac Iris Studio Tribe (LIStribe) group was created with the intention
to be a safe space where we can support each other, give and receive love, feel seen & find someone to talk to when dealing with the loss
of a beloved pet.

Click here to join!



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